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woensdag 1 februari 2012

Depraved Nation Jack or Jill Hunt!

Hogs and Cart Wheels is once again taking part in the Depraved Nation's latest hunt! This time the hunt is Jack or Jill and it is a little different from the Depraved hunts in the past.
There are two paths to this hunt, a Jill path for the ladies and a Jack path for the guys... I have placed an item in the Jack Path and am number 35 on that list! For this we were asked to create something that would be an enhancement to your avatar such as a skin or clothes or an accessory... I made these!

I hope you like them, and as a little hint to find this freebie gift,
"Let me take you back in time, but first we’ll need some fuel!"

More information about this hunt can be found on the Depraved Nation Blog...

Good Luck Hunting!

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