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dinsdag 7 februari 2012

H&C Wheels BatMobilE

H&C WHEELS BATMOBILE = 3000L$, 250 prims, 0 attachments
          available on Marketplace and at the Mainstore!

The BatMobilE is the latest car in our Famous Vehicles Range.
This Batmobile is based on the 1989 Batman Movie, and it was also featured in the Batman Returns movie shortly after. This is the perfect vehicle for cruising around Gotham City, with your sidekick Robin, the car is equipped with two seats so that Robin doesn't have to run along behind! The Roof will slide open for easy access into and out of the cockpit for this car, there is no engine to see however as the engine is all hidden in that sleek shape! Rocket boosters help the car to drive faster to reach the crime and this vehicle can even fly!
Scripted with our latest scripting technique this car is NO ATTACHMENT POINTS!

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