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zondag 15 januari 2012

Depraved Nation City Riot

There is a sales riot going on at Depraved Nation, and my satellite shop there is one of the ones that has been raided...
The riot lasts from now until January 31st, and all participating stores - including Hogs and Cart Wheels - have a stack of crates outside their doors. On these crates you can find up to 10 different items marked down to 100L or less, and there is a real variety of things on offer. At Hogs and Carts Wheels we decided to reduce all the prices of our Novelties to 50L each and there are 2 Specialties - the Stilletrike and the Death Trap - which have been reduced to 100L!
Other stores that are participating in this event include; Razorblade Jacket, Concrete Flowers, KOSH, and many more!
This sale will end on January 31st, and is only available at the satellite shop on Depraved Nation. To find it please click the link here, or when you land at the mainstore of Razorblade Jacket (which is the main landing point on the sim), then walk towards Seraphim HQ and straight on till you find the store!

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