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woensdag 22 januari 2014

H&C Wheels Carver

H&C WHEELS CARVER = 500L$, 57 Prims
            available at the Mainstore

Race Bike
Single Rider
Custom Moving Scripts

H&C Wheels The Drone

H&C WHEELS THE DRONE = 500L$, 31 Prims
            available at the Mainstore

* High Prim Chopper
* Can take a passenger
* Mesh

H&C Wheels Haller

H&C WHEELS HALLER = 1000L$, 41 Prims 
            available at the Mainstore

* Includes 2 versions - with Air Intake and with Blower
* Can take 3 passengers
* Mesh

H&C Wheels Ronvey

H&C WHEELS PIA-PIA-PIANO = 1000L$, 84 Prims 
            available at the Mainstore

Can take a passenger
Doors and Rear Open 

zaterdag 18 januari 2014

H&C Wheels Blue Hawk

H&C WHEELS BLUE HAWK = 500L$, 20 Prims
            available at the Mainstore

* Race Bike
* Single Rider