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donderdag 24 mei 2012

H&C Wheels 1966 Bat

H&C WHEELS 1966 BAT = 2000L, 126 prims
           available at the Mainstore

Based on Batman TV Series from 1966
Can take a passenger
Working Jet Flames on Touch
Working Siren
* Mesh

zondag 20 mei 2012

H&C Wheels Morgana

H&C WHEELS MORGANA = 1000L$, 378 Prims, 1 Attachment 
            available at the Mainstore

Drag and Road Driving Modes
1 Seater 

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

H&C Wheels B-Team

H&C WHEELS B-TEAM = 3000L, 252 prims, 1 attachments
           available on the marketplace or in-world

The latest in our line of Famous Vehicles...
The B-Team is based on the van of the A-Team, one of my personal favourite TV Shows ever!
Partial Mesh, this van will be the perfect transport for your very own band of renegade soldiers, with room for 4 you can get your own A-Team together, as long as you can break Murdock from the hospital! With opening doors, front and rear, you can pack your own arsenal in the trunk, bring your cigars and provide your own theme music - because let's face it, when you are in this van who can resist singing the theme tune!

vrijdag 18 mei 2012

H&C Wheels Fabulous 4

H&C WHEELS FABULOUS 4 = 3000L, 378 prims, 0 attachments
           available on the marketplace or in-world

The latest in our line of Famous Vehicles...
The Fabulous 4 is based on the flying vehicle of the Fantastic 4 in the recent Marvel Movies.
This vehicle can fly, and is scripted with landing gear that can be taken in or out, as well as working lights and room for your own Fantastic 4 team! You'll also get a free MESH Ben Grimm Statue with any purchase of this vehicle...
This vehicle is partial Mesh, so you will need a Mesh enabled viewer to see it!

zondag 13 mei 2012

Shellie Movie By Mayala Loon

Mayala Loon has been a long time supporter of Hogs and Cart Wheels, I feel lucky to call her a friend, and was amazed today that she found time in her busy schedule to create a movie to thank me for sending her our latest release - the Shellie!
The movie made both myself and Rudh laugh, especially when she spread her pollution, and she gave us special permission to share the video with you here...
One day we plan on getting her to create an official video for us, until then, enjoy the genius that is the Loonatic and the Shellie!!
Thank you Maya!

H&C Wheels Shellie

H&C WHEELS SHELLIE = 1000L$, 210 Prims, 2 Attachments 
            available at the Mainstore

Drag and Road Driving Modes
Fuel System included
2 Passengers with opening doors           

donderdag 10 mei 2012

H&C Wheels Chief

H&C WHEELS CHIEF= 500L$, 98 Prims 
            available at the Mainstore

Based on Indian Bikes
High Prim Chopper
3 NEW Parked Poses