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zondag 25 november 2012

H&C Wheels Pretty Zuper

H&C WHEELS PRETTY ZUPER = 1000L$, 122 Prims 
            available at the Mainstore

Drag and Road Driving Modes
Can take a passenger      

donderdag 8 november 2012

H&C Wheels Aston 007

H&C WHEELS ASTON 007 = 3000L, 127 prims, 0 attachments
           available on the marketplace or in-world

The latest in our line of Famous Vehicles...
The Aston 007 is the first in a possible line of Bond themed cars, based on the Bond Car from the movie Goldfinger!
This car is completely tricked out in a way that would make M proud - it comes complete with Hydraulic over-riders, front-mounted lasers, bullet-proof shield, ejector seat and a smoke screen... The perfect tricked out car for any guy who loves gadgets, this car also has all the usual extras that we put into our cars such as opening doors, trunk and rear and both drag and road driving capabilities!
ALSO - if that wasn't enough -  we have a special deal running until November 30th! This car has been reduced in price by a third off to 2000L to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of James Bond movies... Happy Birthday Mr Bond!