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vrijdag 16 december 2011

Christmas at Hogs and Cart Wheels!

Christmas has come early to Hogs and Cart Wheels as I have been busy working on things for Santa, that the elves in the workshops just weren't skilled enough to create!

First thing out of my Christmas production line was a BRAND NEW BIKE!
The Red Nosed Rider, was to replace Rudolf and give the poor old deer a break! This bike comes with glowing nose headlamp and authentic sleigh bell sounds. This bike can be found as a special freebie at the Seraphim Headquarters on Depraved Nation! If you don't know what Seraphim is yet, it is something that Rudh works on to help people find out about any events or sales that are taking place in SL, and if you like shopping you should check it out - go here!

Then while you are at Seraphim HQ, you should walk out the door to take a look at the Depraved Nation Gacha event, because yes I am in that too...
I made a collection of Helmets for the event but these are in a gacha. If you don't know about gacha machines, what happens is you pay a set amount - in this case 20L - to recieve ONE of the helmets that the machine contains and these will be delivered at random. There are 8 different Helmets in the Gacha machine, and these are Mod/Trans so you can get them to fit or give them away as Christmas presents! There are loads of other gacha machines here too!

And Finally, whilst we are discussing Depraved Nation, I was invited to take part in one of their grid-wide hunts! The first hunt that I have ever participated in!
The Deer Sleigher, named because it will be too fast for the deer that are supposed to pulls Santa's sleigh, was created for Santa himself, but I decided to offer it up as a hunt prize! This is a drag-capable sleigh that will get you around the world in a matter of seconds! To find this at the mainstore, all you need to do is search for the little cylinder with a blue snowflake on top, and remember as a hint "Who Ya Gonna Call?", when you find it this sleigh is FREE! To get this one though you will need to head over to the mainstore!

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