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woensdag 19 oktober 2011

H&C Wheels the Munsters Koach

H&C WHEELS THE MUNSTERS KOACH = 3000L$, 521 prims, 3 attachments
          available on Marketplace and at the Mainstore!

The Munsters Koach is one of two vehicles seen in the television series The Munsters. The Munsters is a 1960s American Family television sitcom depicting the home life of a family of monsters. The family, while decidedly odd, consider themselves fairly typical working-class Americans of the era. Herman, like many husbands of the 1960s, is the sole wage-earner in the family, though Lily and Grandpa make (short-lived) attempts to earn a little money from time to time. While Herman is the titular "head of household," Lily actually makes most of the decisions. As the vehicle of Herman and Lily Munster, the Koach is the family vehicle, large enough to take the whole family on outings. 
As with all our cars the Munsters Koach comes with TWO versions. Drag-Capable means that it is counted on the land within the normal prim count. Non Drag-Capable takes up to 50 seconds to rez but is NOT counted on the land prim count and therefore can be more highly detailed! All 6 of the doors open for easy access to the passenger seat of your choice! You can take 7 PEOPLE in this vehicle!!!

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