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dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

H&C Wheels General Lee

H&C WHEELS GENERAL LEE = 3000L$, 510 prims, 3 attachments
          available on Marketplace and at the Mainstore!

The General Lee is the latest in our range of Famous Vehicles.
Based on the Dodge used in the television series, The Dukes of Hazard, the General Lee is the car driven by the cousins Bo and Duke. There is only one episode of the series in which the car is not a feature meaning that this vehicle is the third major cast member!! Often seen doing stunts and in car chases the General Lee can be heard from a distance by the rumble of the engine and the familiar horn tune, which we have managed to replicate in this car, just hit the roof!!
As with all our cars the General Lee comes with TWO versions. Drag-Capable means that it is counted on the land within the normal prim count. Non Drag-Capable takes up to 50 seconds to rez but is NOT counted on the land prim count and therefore can be more highly detailed! The rear front and doors of this vehicle will open, although the cousins used the windows!
Thank you to Vixen Thibedeau, the smoking hot southerner, for posing as our Daisy Duke!

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