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vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Welcome to the NEW Hogs and Cart Wheels!

Hello, my name is HellBone Barbosa, and I am the owner, creator and designer for the newest Vehicle store in SecondLife, although that doesn't make me new to running a business selling vehicles.
Until recently I was a co-owner of a store called Hell&Co on Wheels, a store I that though great at the time and a brilliant provider of a start with my vehicle business, I felt no longer fitted the plan that I had in my mind and the only way I would achieve what I wanted was to go out on my own. I have no hard feelings towards my former partner and hope to remain both a friend and a business contact with him, yet I needed the freedom to make my own choices...
I have been a builder now since I started in SL over 4 years ago, but have been focused on building vehicles for the last year. My goal is to create a High Prim vehicle that is not only worth looking at, but is also simple and satisfying to ride. I would only ever set a vehicle for sale when I am completely happy with it, and would be willing to be seen driving it myself. I am often seen riding my own bikes due to my involvement as a Road Captain for the Cobra's MotorCycle Club, but hey if I wont be seen riding them why would I expect anyone else to?
Alongside me in this company is my partner, Rudhmellowen Laguna. She is the smart one when it comes to the advertising both on marketplace and soon this blog, creating the artistic looks for photos, and generally keeping me grounded when things seem to go wrong... So if you have any problems with things, it may be better to talk to her first... Rudh will be listing things on the Marketplace under the H&C Wheels tag that we used in the past, this will avoid any confusion if you were interested in the products I had created with my original company.
There is just one thing to say, WELCOME TO HOGS AND CART WHEELS!

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