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vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

H&C Wheels The Delorean

 H&C WHEELS THE DELOREAN = 3000L$, 765 prims, 3 attachments
          available on Marketplace and at the Mainstore!

The Delorean was created for the line of Famous Vehicles at Hogs and Cart Wheels...
Used in the Trilogy of the Back to the Future movies, the Delorean is the Time Machine created by the scientist Doc Brown. This model is based on the first movie, in which Marty McFly is taken from the 80's to 1955, where he has to ensure his parents become an item. This car is a MUST for any Back to the Future fan!
As with all our cars the Delorean comes with TWO versions. Drag-Capable means that it is counted on the land within the normal prim count. Non Drag-Capable takes up to 50 seconds to rez but is NOT counted on the land prim count and therefore can be more highly detailed! The Delorean also has the special feature of the lights which turn on as the car is starting up, as well as the controls to make the car head back or forwards in time. As with the Deloran in the movie, the doors of this vehicle open upwards in the realistic 'gull-wing' style! 

Thanks to Marty McFly (aka Zakora Trevellion) for modelling.

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