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zondag 16 december 2012

Together for Sway

Together for Sway is a fundraising event for one of Rudh's favourite designers of furniture. The owner of Sway's is facing some very difficult times in her RL and so a team of designers has come together to create a fundraiser in her honour.
We have never been part of an event like this, but due to Rudh wanting to help out this designer we were accepted as a member of the team!
We've decided to set out our Woody Chopper Bike, for sale at 200L, with 100% of the proceeds going straight to this worthy cause. If you've been thinking about buying this scooter, now would be the time to do so - though the scooter will only be available as a charitable item at the Together for Sway Event location!
Just to remind you of the details of this awesome, and fun little bike... It is a total of 28 prims, and is scripted with the sounds of a real chainsaw! OH and you can take a passenger!
As Christmas is coming, if you wanted to make a donation for this bike and give it as a gift to a friend, then please contact Rudhmellowen Laguna and she will make sure we work something out for you! 

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