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woensdag 21 maart 2012

H&C Wheels The ScarFacE

H&C WHEELS THE SCARFACE = 3000L, 293 prims, 1 attachment
           available on the marketplace or in-world

The latest in our line of Famous Vehicles....
The ScarFacE is based on the vehicle from the Scarface Movies. It comes with everything that a mobster would need, including a body in the trunk and a set of Body Drop Style Opening doors for easy removal of bodies on the backseat! The Front and Rear of this vehicle will also open!
When you buy this vehicle you get 3 different versions. The box includes 1 drag capable vehicle, 1 non-drag vehicle with temp rez scripts that means it will only count the base on the land prim count, and 1 version with the new scripts that means there will be no attachments to wear!  

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