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donderdag 1 september 2011

H&C Wheels The Lightning

 H&C WHEELS THE LIGHTNING = 3000L$, 492 prims, 3 attachments
          available on Marketplace and at the Mainstore!

This is the first of two vehicles used in the movie Grease, and it plays a key role as the prop the T-Bird gang dance all over as they sing the legendary "Grease Lightning", it is also the car that wins the race against the arch rivals the Scorpions, which proves to be the movie turning point for Sandy. The car is also the backdrop to the secondary story of its owner Kenickie and his rocky relationship with Rizzo, it comes complete with all his favourite objects including his "25 cent insurance policy"...
As with all our cars the Delorean comes with TWO versions. Drag-Capable means that it is counted on the land within the normal prim count. Non Drag-Capable takes up to 50 seconds to rez but is NOT counted on the land prim count and therefore can be more highly detailed!  The Doors, Front and Rear of this car are also scripted to open, and the boot is filled with your favourite soda for when you head to the nearest drive-in!!


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